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About Haxball HTML5 Alpha

This is the long time coming HTML5 remake of HaxBall (which was originally made using Flash and released in late 2010).

While it is currently lacking some features (hence the Alpha suffix) it already offers numerous improvements over the flash version.

In the future this version will become just "HaxBall" and the flash version will be shut down.


Same as the flash version, HaxBall HTML5 Alpha is made possible thanks to the Haxe programming language.

HaxBall HTML5 Alpha uses WebRTC to create peer to peer connections between the players and the room host. This technology is still fairly new and, unfortunately, some browsers (most notably Edge and Safari) don't fully support it yet.


HaxBall HTML5 Alpha is made by Mario Carbajal (aka basro).


You can contact me by mail: haxball@gmail.com

Report bugs here.